The Process


Identify Your Goals

1. Identify your long term business and personal goals and identify a strategy of how to use media as a tool to reach those goals.

Identify The Audience

2. Identify who you want to reach and what kind of content will capture their attention.

Call To Action

3. Once we have the audiences attention we come up with a call to action and sales funnel to turn them into clients.

Conceptualization of Content

4. Once we have identified your goals, we conceptualize a TV show, podcast, video series, and marketing plan that helps you achieve your goals.

Weekly Filming

5. We schedule a one-hour time block around your schedule to film each week. This allows us to keep a consistent schedule.

Streaming & Distribution

6. "As Seen On" are powerful words. We identify the best streaming platforms to share your content.

Social Media Marketing

7. We create a content calendar for sharing the content consistently across all social media platforms each week.

Repeat Weekly

8. By following this process you will be creating enough content to share every week across your social media and marketing, as well as establishing yourself and your business as leaders in the space.

Get Started

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